Feb 10, 1999 Mustang GT Dark Green Satin Pony

by Kelly Youngblood
(Nashville, GA)

1999 Mustang GT

1999 Mustang GT

A Dream Come True Mustang

I wanted a Mustang since I was old enough to love cars, which was about 8 years old. Once I was old enough to drive, I couldn’t afford the one I wanted. As I got older, Mustangs came and went…styles changed, but I still loved them.

Two years ago I was online looking for an inexpensive car to get after my lease of a Fusion. GREAT CAR, btw…

I came across a Dark Green Satin Mustang GT, 1999… with only 26k miles on it. I was in heaven. It had been through a lot though, faded paint, but the inside was immaculate. They were asking $4500!!

Can you believe it? She is mine now, partially restored and looking better than ever. I love her so much. Wanna see?

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