Whipple 3.8 Makes 1300 HP on 3.5 Pulley

It’s cool, but a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist (for the vast majority of whipple owners).

There’s like .005% of the PD consumer that has a need for this blower.

The 3.0 has already put down this much power in a max effort build (Cobra Jet topper) a couple years ago.

The disadvantages, extra cost, extra weight, would have to therefore outweigh the only 2 advantages, a bigger ceiling (if you’re max’d above 1300 wheel with the 3.0) and less belt slip.

To get to 1300 with a 3.0 you’re gonna need a tiny pulley and overdrive, so belt slip might still be an issue with a 10 rib, but that wasn’t clear from the article I read.

So aside from guys who want to run PD but are maxing out their 3.0’s, the only other person this makes sense for is someone who doesn’t want to run an overdrive and/or doesn’t want the expense of the 10 rib setup and is trying to make high power but experiencing belt slip with the small diameter pulley.

I’m always for “because we can” but this is a product that makes sense for 1300+ guys or big blocks, etc.

If it wasn’t heavier and more expensive, it would make more of a legit option for most 5.0/5.2 owners.

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