Video: GT500 Gets Some Nurburgring Time

Lol. New record in delayed Ricer Flyby:
4 years late…
“I win!….”

Unfortunately ZL1 1LE time was what, summer 2017? almost a half decade ago?
And not on Trefeo R’s….
Gonna guess a second could be picked up….

Love GT350R, and Mad respect for ZL1 1LE which is still substantially capable.
Without Zl1 1LE, we might not have GT500…

Ford drivetrains needs a 400# lighter chassis….. I still prey the keep S550/CDx in production while also adding a next gen smaller mustang that sees an ecoboost in a 3400 wet curb chassis… Can only hope…
Final ICE chassis will be what we are stuck with for motorsports for DECADES after electric revolution..

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