S650 2023 Mustang (7th Gen) Lead Designer Revealed

The guy behind the design of the next generation under S650 Chief Engineer Mike Celentino is none other than a guy named Aiden Chang-il Lee of Ford Design.


I had originally found out before anyone outside of Dearborn some 8 years ago, that Kemal Couric had designed the “then yet to be revealed” S550 back in April 2013 and finally have stumbled on the Gen 7 designer info.


Looks like the S650 final design was decided on in January 2020, which is why we started seeing credible renderings several months ago.

Kind of like this stage 8 years earlier in January 2012, but with S650 proposals instead:

04-2015-Ford-Mustang-Design-Theme-Comparison-Front-end (1).jpg
04-2015-Ford-Mustang-Design-Theme-Comparison-Profile (2).jpg
04-2015-Ford-Mustang-Design-Theme-Comparison-Rear-end (1).jpg

Maybe we should start seeing them running around by May or June?

I also really think we need a separate Generation 7 sub-forum here (or maybe M7G?), as despite Autoline’s ridiculous rumor that it won’t be redesigned for 7 years, S650 is still on track for a 2022 debut.

Take this somewhat as the best visual confirmation, as S650 is still in progress per all of these people at Ford and my own contact as well. This is coming, so ignore the doomsayers.



The 2029 Gen 8 car may or may not even be called S750. That chassis code isn’t a given, as S = Special Vehicles and 650 is just randomly assigned, even if similar to “550”. S750 doesn’t really exist.


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