Rumor: S650 Mustang 4-Door Sedan Will Debut in 2022 with 3 Engine Options

Hey, I’m new to this forum and I thought that anyone would pick up the rumors about the S650 might come in in several variations like a four door (A7 / Panamera grand coupe design). But so far no one did…The Youtuber Matt Maran (I occasionally watch his videos and he doesn’t strike me like the kind of guy who would make that up but what do I know) claims that he got intel from a guy who has two “insiders” working for ford:

  • Ford will release a grand coupe four door Mustang in 2022
  • Base-Powertrain will be the 2.3 ecoboost combined with the F150’s hybrid tech
  • Coyote V8 will be offered with a manual
  • The Powerboost V6 will be the top-end option in the four door sedan and it could pump out 500hp+

here’s the link: (I hope that is allowed otherwise please delete the link)

Now, if these rumors would turn out to be true, that would mean that the manual would be gone for the ecoboost and it would also indicate that the EU and Germany might not get another V8. Ford stated that from 2023 onwards all European cars will be at least hybrids. So we would get the ecoboost but only a minority of buyers would be interested in that…

To me the rumors fit in with what we “know” about the S650 already. I would expect the S650 to have a “mild” refreshed look, an upgraded interior (hopefully interior-quality will rise) and roughly all the engines that are offered right now. I would also expect a GT350-like car in 2023 with the voodoo engine. Maybe a “boss” version in some form. Why would I think so? It seems to me that Ford is not pushing the boundaries with the next generation. Many rumors indicate a “we can do it if it doesn’t cost us any money” policy… They do have the coyote engine, offering a manual option does not hurt and serves the fan-base; Ecoboost + F150 hybrid tech is also a no-brainer and would easily fit in the engine bay. AWD will most certainly be optional and hopefully a V8 hybrid for the European market (otherwise we would only get the ecoboost or the V6 in a best case scenario…)

Anyhow, these rumors do pick up the “Mustang as a brand” rumor that came up in 2018 and I’m really looking forward to some S650 facts 😉

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