Regretful Owner Reunites With Previously Sold GT500

Wow and no lie even I can’t believe what has just happened😳. I just purchased my GT500 back that I sold this last June🤪. And how this all played out is incredible to say the least. So I’m a proud GT500 owner again and damn I missed her and in all my years of selling my cars this a first.


Updated with story:

Ok so here’s the story🥸. This past June KOONS called me and wanted my car and initially told them no. The used car market was getting crazy and I decided to sell a bunch of my vehicles due to the financial losses my business had incurred. My business lost a lot of money in the Pandemic shut down and after 16 months I was not seeing any return to normal. And sincerely felt by June of this year my business would return close to normal. But nope and just truly saddening being I knew I had to cross the bridge for the challenges that lied ahead. And selling my truly favorite car I have ever owned and I have owned many beyond many😳 I felt the market was possibly at its peak and better sell. But it was an incredible hard decision being I knew I would never see her again and this car was pre pandemic production, number 712 and built on my moms birthday which I purchased on my birthday in February last year. And after giving them the keys my daughter was in tears as we left the dealership. The following days and weeks I so regretted selling her like never before any cars or trucks I have owned. My business in late July picked up substantially and now today is back to normal which is a blessing but I thought wow I sold her too early I should have kept her. And sincerely I came to closure next spring I will factory order a new one when the car market gets somewhat back to normal.

I check in this site often and a forum member sent me a PM about the Supersnake or GT500 for his dad. He asked who is a Supersnake dealer and any around. This is in the evening and I decide to look at KOONS Sterling Ford’s Mustang inventory and I’m like wow holly crap my car is back😳. The forum member did me a huge favor 😳. I mean what are the odds someone picks me when I did not even visit the GT500 forum much due to sadness of losing mine🥸. And which in turn incredible timing as well wow. And now I’m thinking what happened and why did it come back🤔. The next day I reach out to my used car manager and ask him why is my car back? He tells me the guy wanted the Golden Ticket since he tracks the car. He loved the car but wanted the Track Pack set up. Oh geez I’m like this is crazy and now to tell my wife I’m buying my car back she will probably go nutty on me🤪. But surprisingly she didn’t and I’m like yeh this is meant to be but damn does someone else pick her up before me? Okay okay yeh now your getting the whole story😁. But it wasn’t easy being I really had to come to terms on having to to pay more to get her back🤔. And yeh I’m crazy I know that being if you watch my YouTube channel Ice Age Tv you will see all my vehicles and just recently picked up a Tremor F-150 and lol I picked up a cherry 2016 Ford GT350 at the end of July trying to feel like I still had the Cobra in my life. And as anyone here knows she ain’t the 500 which spoiled it for me. But Damn now I have an incredible collection I hope to keep a very long time being my F-150 Supersnake Truck 2 door, GT350 and GT500. Wow beyond wow this all played out and I’m a religious person and I have prayed during this Pandemic everyday for a MIRACLE and damn I can tell many more stories of the miracles that have happened to me over the last 18 plus months😎.


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