Mach 1 Order Stats / Take Rates – Sample From One Region

When they started popping up on it looked like half were FJG, and it looks like my estimate wasn’t far off. IMHO the Iconic Silver and Oxford White really pop with the graphics and are far from my favorite of the Mach 1 colors on standard Mustangs. Shadow Black and Twister Orange really look amazing too. I’m not a big fan of the Blue, Red or Gray, but they are ok. The yellow just doesn’t work at all for me, and Rapid Red would have been a winner over Race Red. I think RR would have been #2 to FJG in popularity if they would have made it available. Kona or Deep Impact Blue would be an improvement over Velocity Blue in my book, though what would have been wrong with a light and a dark blue? I love Antimatter Blue on the Bronco, but not on the Mustang, so I don’t mind it didn’t make the cut for the Mach 1.

Finished ranting now. Have an awesome 2021!

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