First Real Life Looks at Eruption Green and Oil Slick Blue-Purple New Paint Colors for 2022 GT500

I used to own a 1997 Ford Probe GT, that had a color called Boysenberry Blue, stupid name, IMO, but it looks like Oil Slick Blue-Purple, depending on how the light/sun hits it, changes colors, from dark blue to purple. It would look different day and night, and whether sunlight or fluorescent light was on it. People used to stop me all the time to ask what color it is. I would reply: What color do you want it to be? Definitely a conversation starter, was kinda fun! So, this looks to me like a take on that, and it is pretty cool, I think. Would look great on a Mustang, and probably with some white stripes too! Can’t wait to see it on a vehicle sometime. I think that Green looks awesome too! Might have looked good on the Bullitt.

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