Build-Your-Own 2021 Mach 1 – Swap Info & Complete Parts List (2018+ Mustangs)

I think I’m the first to do this swap on a 18+ mustang GT from what everyone has been telling me so after a lot of messages on here and my IG I figured id do a official info and parts list post for people who are wanting to try and do this swap. Just a FYI this swap is EXPENSIVE!! I’m into mine prob $3-3500 with my access to a take off bumper and my Ford pricing I get from local and online dealers deal with. If you bought every single piece new you going to be in the $4500-$5000 dollar range for the swap after you include paint, body work etc. It is A LOT for essentially a front bumper cover swap. That being said its huge upgrade looks wise on 18+ Mustang and for me fixed the non aggressive front end look on these year cars. Aero benefits are also a huge upgrade.

My journey on this swap started with access to a Brand new take off bumper from Ford that was complete but had some minor paint damage and some scuffs on the upper splitter. Mine was complete with all the grills, weatherstripping, side vents, blinkers, wiring harnesses etc. So that saved me a lot of money and time not having to track down and pay for all those parts. Still a lot was needed to make the swap complete. Even though I didn’t have to find these parts numbers for what I had gotten Ive found almost all the parts numbers needed and will list those below.

So lets jump into what works with you 18+ car and what has to be changed. Fenders on the Mach are exactly the same as any 18+ trim car besides one thing, holes for badging. Mach have basically EcoBoost fender with no holes for badging since the Mach fender emblems stick on. So any fender will work for this front end swap. The thing that will need to be changed is the inner fender liners. They are Mach specific and tie into the front bumper cover and the underbelly just like the PP1 car do just little bit more extensively. The fender flares on the Mach will also work on any fender as long as you have the Mach 1 bumper. I actually have aluminum GT350 fenders on my car and the fender flares work and fit perfectly on there. I get this question a lot the Flares will NOT work on a regular mustang bumper. The way it Mounts towards the front is specific to the mach front bumper cover. Next is wiring, the 18+ GT’s have a different wiring harness for the blinkers, DRL and fog lights. Since the Mach does not have built in fog lights the wiring harness is way simpler and a different plug setup. So there is going to have to be some modifications needed to make the wiring work. I just cut my ends off both the factory harness and the mach blinker harness and built my own connectors using Deutche waterproof connectors. I will post diagrams and pics below of the wiring. The Mach front blinkers are actually the exact part numbers as 15-20 GT350 front blinkers. They look different because the Mach has a trim that shrouds them a little but they are the same. Besides those small things the rest is pretty straight forward if you have the all the parts to do it.

Ok so part numbers, here we go. This is everything I have ordered for mine personally and also some research to find part numbers on what I already had.

Front bumper cover: MR3Z-17D957-BDPTM
Mach 1 Upper Grill: MR3Z-8200-AA
Mach 1 Lower Grill: MR3Z-17K945-AA
Mach 1 Upper splitter: MR3Z-17D957-AA
Mach 1 Left inner fender: MR3Z-16102-A
Mach 1 Right inner fender: MR3Z-16103-A
Mach 1 Underbelly: MR3Z-17626-A
Upper bumper weatherstripping: JR3Z-16A238-B
Mach 1 bumper crash isolator : JR3Z-17C882-B
Mach 1 LH turn signal: MR3Z-13201-A
Mach 1 RH turn signal: MR3Z-13200-A
Mach 1 LH turn signal housing: MR3Z-15266-B
Mach 1 RH turn signal housing: MR3Z-15266-A
Blue push in nuts to go into subframe for underbelly (x6) : W716529S900

Handling Pack part numbers:
HP Lower Splitter: MR3Z-17626-AA
HP Fender Flares: VMR3Z-16268-A

* I cannot find the side vent part numbers or the brake ducting vents from the bumper to inner fenders

**option for turn signals instead of OEM** Diode Dynamics LED turn signals

***push in clips can all be pretty much reused off your old inner fender liners and the hardware off your PP1 underbelly will work for the M1 underbelly. Lower handling pack splitter will come with additional hardware needed to mount to underbelly.

This is everything I can find online from All data, repairlink ford parts list and reaching out to a few dealers to help me. Schematics for the mach parts list are still not out so not everything is available to find. The hardest parts to find are the magnetic colored side vents for the bumper and the brake ducting vents (similar to the GT350). If you have a Whipple on your car you will not be able to to run the brake ducting anyway due to the heat exchanger tank and pump in the drivers side inner fender area. Also the Mach 1 bumper WILL work with ACC(adaptive cruise) cars as long as you don’t use the brake ducting vents or if you do want to use the ducting you will have to move the ACC module over more towards the center and recalibrate it in forscan.

My IG is @djericforbes I posted a bunch on there of the swap and my highlights. check that out for more info.

Heres what the inner fenders look like. Besides the brake ducting they have very nice venting from the side vents into the wheel wheel to help cooling:


Stock PP1 underbelly:


Mach 1 underbelly:


My new take off Mach 1 front cover I got:



My swap done:




Heres the 18+ GT premium wiring schematic for the blinkers/fog lights etc:

Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 7.13.55 AM.png

Blinker wiring for the Mach is pretty much the same as a 15-17 car. Here’s a schematic of that:

Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 7.14.45 AM.png

I will post more info on here as I remember more but for now this is all the time I have and all that I can remember off the top of my head. Like I mentioned above check out my IG @djericforbes bc I posted a lot on there of the swap on my highlights. Thanks!

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