7 Second S550 Build

This will be an ongoing build thread. In 2017 I bought my S550 new. The intention was never to go to extremes with the car, just to build it into a nice weekend car that had some balls. Now with some recent health issues that have left me unable to pursue my previous main hobby, and having owned “quick” cars and some exotics, I’ve never had something that genuinely scared me…. so, now’s the time. Previously the car was Procharged on e85 and made about 700wheel on the largest pulley.

I also want to utilize this build to expand my skillset with this stuff. I’m by far and away not a newb, but there’s plenty I know I’ll learn during this process. Luckily, I’ll have my buddy Chris Walton of Rockford Speed helping me out when needed.

The generalized plan of attack is a stock head minus valve springs+retainers (potentially valves), triple pump fuel system with a BAP due to the fact I already have most the setup, TH400, 9 inch rear end, built bottom end (3.7 bore pistons/rod/crank/sleeves), air to water intercooler setup, bigger single turbo and a little bit of nitrous off the hit to get things spooled. Haltech elite 2500 will handle engine management.

I do have an odd way in which I’d like to challenge myself however…I was to run that 7 on the air suspension that was previously installed. I forsee this as being the biggest aspect to wrap my head around in order to get the car to launch…there’s not a ton out there to work with.

I’ve already started ordering parts and begun tearing the car down. So far on order/already in:

MMR Valve springs+retainers
Steeda Front Bumper Bar
BMR K member
ATI Super Damper
All ARP engine hardware
BOSS Crankshaft
Dry Sleeves
MMR Drag wing (my previous spoiler was damaged, so I just went for it lol)
Set of OEM timing chains
Billet rear main cover
Oil squirter block offs
Oil pump with billet gears
Manley I beam Rods
Manley forged pistons with top coating
Total seal steel rings
Clevite bearings
Head cooling mod (not sure about this…a lot of failures I see are cylinder 8 though so I didn’t think it’d hurt anything)
JPC line lock
AED Billet knuckles
Baer rear drag brakes for AED knuckles
Bogart 11.5″ beadlocks
Cometic head gaskets
BL fab radiator overflow/catch can
SVE radiator
Motion Raceworks steering column kit
Motion Raceworks parachute setup
Nitrous system (will probably run just a 50 jet)
Fuel pumps

And I could be missing a few things but I think that’s it for now. Main components I still need are the th400 setup, 9″ and turbo setup however that will come last once everything else is in position. Looking forward to having you all along here!


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