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We often browse through many forums, classic Mustangs, Electric Mustangs, Coupes, fastbacks, Mustang II, Fox body, S197, S550 etc just about any Mustang forums we can find. We look to see what is going on in the world of all things Mustang. During one of our browsings we noticed that somebody was after a window guide roller nothing wrong with that of course. From us the rollers are £1 and we have one or two in stock, a box full in fact. That’s it £1 each; the small cost includes the design, metal tooling, the plastic tooling, the metal shaped spring, the plastic mould itself, plastic materials, the assembly of the roller, shipping costs and finally the import charges to us, the later of which has gone up nearly ten fold, but the rollers have not gone up from the £1 we absorb the cost. We mention this because we have been beaten up again for being expensive, then we get bashed about the cost of the postage. If you buy one or two the price is the same, or four, or ten or twenty so on it’s the same, until the parcel increases to a size or weight which is dictated to us by Royal Mail. The response was that these rollers are rubbish and should be made of brass. Let us quickly explain that the reason for failure is that these parts are over fifty years old now, they get brittle and break or just wear out. We ask the hobbyist mechanics out there; would you buy a brass one at £5- £10 each, if £1 is already too much to pay? If you would like them in brass, let us know and we can look into machining them up for you so you can sell them on with your own markup, subject to minimum order of a thousand like many manufacturers require as a minimum order. We wouldn’t even pass on our costs on to you, just the actual manufacturing costs, how’s that for a deal? We would even buy one or two from you to get you going in the marketplace. 🙂

We are looking to have a trial of another postage option. Whether we do it or not depends if we can make it work without Mustang Maniac selling at a loss. Watch this space.

Customer Cars:

‘The Pear’ has most of the outside completed now apart from some fettling that is. Now the inside has been the focus and getting that freshened up to look as good as the outside.

To do that we have some of the left over external colour being used to colour match the interior. Yogi has got out his spray gun in the body shop room and started the meticulous and art form process of spraying the parts.

Curved surfaces are some of the most difficult to paint due to getting an even coat and avoiding paint runs. Although it doesn’t look much, but this type of work can take quite a while to prep and complete.

We have a couple of little ladies in for a regular once over and servicing one of which is almost a daily driver. It’s always good to hear stories of these cars being used often, but we do know that they aren’t used in real bad conditions like snow and ice, torrential rain and fog for obvious reasons. Some cars can be a lot of fun in the dry maybe bite you unless you show some respect, but where traction is limited they become a lot of fun to being a real handful.


Finally we have now got the ‘T Park Lock’ handles added to the webshop, click here for the link or the screen shot to take you there.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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