Let Me Try That Again…

My previous attempt and many hours of fiddling with things and more plugins didn’t get me very far. Some of you kindly gave me some feedback on what was happening. I agreed with pretty much all the little suggestions that came my way.

I got a little bit cute this time and picked a WordPress theme that I sort of liked. Again I got onto the Chat team and told them what i wanted and they sent me an additional CSS code to paste in. Now it does what I want, mostly. I have been fiddling again with that bit of code customise a little more to my liking.

I have managed to get a menu that scrolls with the blog, a header Image I can use now, A site title and tag line which was missing but added to the header image before.

It looks like the third party theme was a bit flaky and sort of did what it wanted. This WP theme seems to be much better and the help guys will help you fiddle with it.

I have added and amended the sidebar to make it look more up to date while I was at it.

Again please let me know if there are any issues and I will get onto it and fix it. Thanks again for the feedback and patience while I try and sort this lot out.

With any luck tonight I will get into bed before two in the morning!

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