Mustang Gas Tanks – New Shipment

We just got in a brand new shipment of Gas Tanks!!! These are the good ones…the same gas tanks that we use in the restorations that you see here on our Blog.

Lots of times we will offer at least two different versions of a particular part that is available on the market.  That way our customer can chose which one best meets their particular needs.

In the case of this Gas Tank for your Mustang, we don’t think it is a good idea.

The only Gas Tank that we handle are the ones manufactured by Spectra Premium.  They are super nice Fuel Tanks and are made in Canada.  In this particular case, we just don’t think that it is worth saving a few bucks on the cheaper tank.

These tanks are available for all of the early Mustangs.  We even have a correct tank without the drain plug for the 1970 Mustangs now.

ER-258  65-68 Mustang Gas Tank with Drain Plug
ER-290  69 Mustang Gas Tank with Drain Plug
ER-565  70 Mustang Gas Tank with Drain Plug
ER-5651 70 Mustang Gas Tank without Drain Plug  ’70 Mustangs originally did not have drain plugs.
ER-549   71-73 Mustang Gas Tank

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