Watch the GT500 Hit 8.96@154 MPH!

Well.. If you go back and peruse some original posts by me, i stated for a long long time I planned on modifying the car, and obviously have but with target of 750hp on pump and 850hp on E85.

That came and went in what, 2 months? Then I said I dont even like/want to drag race the car, but its the 1 shining standard for performance.. That didnt last long either. 9.50/150MPH was the goal.

Well, Thanks to the amazing people at PBD/Lethalperformance/1320Junkie/SSP/ Signature Wheels, and a few others big names, we did something amazing!

The best part, is that with simple bolt ons, the car behaves just like OEM. I took my kid out lastnight in it and all. 100%street/100% trackable—perfect balance :)





My own video , if you wanna gimme the clicks:

Your favorite Mustang Youtuber, if you wanna see some behind the scenes chatter:

and the king tuna himself if you want a full overview:


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