GT500 vs Cayman GT4 Track Tested

This is a great article and it is very accurate on just about all accounts. I can speak from experience regarding the CFTP GT500 vs. Cayman GT4. My last track event was in mid-October with the local PCA group. I brought our 20 CFTP GT500 out to this event and the three quickest car/driver combinations in my run group were my GT500 and two other Cayman GT4s. In summary, the GT4 is a hell of a car and I would get one if a Porsche was in the picture – but I love the obnoxious GT500.

I have been running with these guys all year and we are pretty much at the same level as far as skill goes (intermediate solo). With that said – it honestly felt like a dead even matchup with driver skill being the limiting factor for all of us.

One observation we all noticed though was how much better the stability of the GT500 seemed to be…the GT4 looked like it was holding on for dear life in certain places when I was behind either one. Conversely, the GT4 drivers noticed how composed the GT500 looked when I was in front.

Interestingly too – the straight line acceleration of the GT4 felt pretty well matched against the GT500 – I was not able to suck the paint off of the GT4 in the straightaways unlike just about everything else out there.

One thing that article is absolutely correct on – the GT500 eats tires and fuel like there is no tomorrow. I used roughly 3/4 of a tank every 20 minute session and need new tires after 4 track days.

Here’s a photo of me chasing one of them down – I might have some video of this session too. I’ll look for it.


My wife was in our Mach 1 that weekend and was arguably giving the other GT4 a run for their money. There she is in the background going for the kill (she got the kill :clap: but really was trying to catch me lol)


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