Rest Of The Drag Racing Day

As we hoped this week we have been sent the official pictures of the day. Taken by a professional cameraman Chris Tilley who can be found on Instagram “Cortinachris“. If you see anything you like contact him and let him know. Thanks for the use of these pics Chris.

Chris has offered us over five hundred pics throughout the days event. That’s just way too many to post on here. So we have decided to pic what we like to show as many varied cars as possible, (which was a very, very hard choice). We then split this post into sections; park up, racing shots and the trip back from racing the strip. To finish we have the winners of the trophies presented by Roy from the Mustang Owners Club Of Great Britain.

First we have Yogi looking chilled as ever waiting try out his new wheel nuts!

Some parking up and prep work for the racing.

The burnouts;

Staging ready to race;

The look of fear! Have you ever wondered what what fear looks like? If you want to know, then the look into the eyes of the passenger up for the 1/4 mile blast in Yogi’s car. A picture speaks a thousand words. ????


I’m allowed to use this photo again as it’s the high resolution version.

The ride back from racing down the strip;

At the end of the day the prize winners collecting their new silverware.

Nobody was a loser on the day everybody had a good time, atmosphere was great. Although the Chevy, Dodge and Plymouth boys all raced it was as friendly as always, no matter what they drove.

Big Thanks goes to;

Adam from Mustang Maniac for sponsorship.

Chris Tilley for all the photos in this post.

To everybody who showed up to watch, or race making it another great day out.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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