Picking up my GT PE this weekend!

She’s home, safe and sound from the dealership in PA to home in MD. I must give a shout-out to Garnet Ford in West Chester, PA for the excellent service and no BS deal.

First impressions: When you test drive a car, it’s too short and you really don’t get a complete “feel” for the vehicle, so the two and a half hour drive home was a pleasant surprise as I became familiar with the car. It feels like a tank compared to our 2017 Volt. Dislike: Brakes are a bit touchy and take getting used to, but I switched to one-pedal driving and found it is really nice after adjusting to it. The adaptive cruise control and lane holding is worlds ahead of the five year old Chevy. I’ll say I was also impressed that it was 17F out, going up to about 22F by the time I departed and I still had about 210 miles of range showing with pre-conditioning. Not sure what my efficiency was, but I had about 51% charge after 130 miles, so it was better than predicted. I kept the seat heat and cabin down to about 64F the whole way.
I’m 6′ and 240 lbs and while the bolstering is snug, it is quite comfortable, with plenty of padding. I can see doing longer trips in this car no problem. This was a concern for me, as I have a bad back from old injuries and some cars I find downright painful to ride in after even half an hour.
Infrastructure: I stopped at the I-95 rest stop in Delaware for a break and lunch and found there where six DC fast chargers. I though “Hey, I should give that a try” as I never used one before. One was in use by a Kona EV, three where INOP, and neither of the remaining two I tried would communicate with the car. I guess that is part of the “ownership experience” I will need to plan for on road trips – always have a backup plan. Luckily I had enough charge to get home anyway.

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