Mar 24, Mustang 302 in a Coupe

by Steve

1969 Ford Fairlaine 302

1969 Ford Fairlaine 302

Mustang 302 in a Coupe

I recently bought a “41 Ford coupe. The motor is supposed to be a “69 Mustang 302. Any way I can check this? Also, if it is a 302, I would like to know: points setting, timing setting, oil capacity, etc. Or where I can get this info.

Re Mustang 302 in a Coupe

Hi Steve

A 1969 Mustang 302 V8 will have casting numbers on the block that will identify its date and type.

First off, the easiest way to identify a 302 is that there are several raised areas in the casting that say “302”. Beyond that we need to look at the casting numbers to see more details.

A 1969 302 casting number will be C9ZE. The C stands for the decade (1960s) The 9 for the year (1969). Z denotes that this was an engine installed in a Mustang. And finally the E is the engineered component (engine).

As you can see in the picture above, this engine, while a 1969, is not a Mustang engine. The first 2 letters indicate that it is a 1969 engine, but the letter O after that indicates that it is either a Ford Fairlane or Ford Torino engine.

All engine assemblies except for the Ford (DeTomaso) Pantera are lettered from A-Z. The Pantera is numbered rather than lettered(6).

This is then followed by a numerical sequence that further identifies it within that family (6000 – 6898).

Best thing I can suggest for specs on tune-up is to consult a repair manual for that engine once you have identified exactly which engine that is. If you cant find specs for the engine at that point, I will be happy to see what I can do to get them for you.

Hope that helps.


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