We Can Actually Walk The Walk…

We start this post with some sad news; a customer and friend of ours, Gary Meekings sadly passed away from Covid. We offer our condolences to all his family and friends.

Not much has been happening mechanical wise at the yard as we have been working on shoring up the the little river which has risen dangerously high and we didn’t want any of that water in the yard. While Adam was checking all the workshops and sheds to make sure that they were all OK, he opened one at the back in the corner of the yard. This workshop water tight with a huge roller shutter, it’s metal lined, it’s warm, dry and damp free with it’s own heating. All that means that everything is kept rust free at an ideal humidity. When Adam opened his water tight garage he found lurking in the back behind a rather large lorry, a full ’67 body shell. What did he say? “I forgot about that.”

Just after new year he had ordered two skeleton Mustang shells, yes TWO. These are intended for future projects and he was looking to put them somewhere out the way until they were needed towards the end of the year. The workshop was ideal, with a little moving around from the forklift, we now have a dedicated storage area for body shells would you believe.

Adam had us in fits of laughter that he could “loose” a full body shell. He took the banter very well and stick we gave him. In his defence he did say “I knew I had somewhere, but couldn’t remember where I stored it that’s all. It was either here in the yard, or one of the other car storage locations.”

After the cars were in place, Adam said; “Some people can talk the talk, we also walk the walk, then we drive the cars afterwards!” Fair shout if you ask me.

Some say they have them in stock, but they don’t. We on the other hand don’t say we have them in stock – but we DO! Three of ’em in fact.

On the subject of these body shells; one of the skeletons could be for sale, the other is allocated for a customer’s project. We doubt that Adam will put these shells on the WebShop to be honest, but you never know. If you are interested drop Adam an email and you can discuss it with him.


We are in the exciting stages of being the UK supplier of some rather awesome kits. We can’t say too much yet. Watch this space and all will be revealed very soon. ????

We keep saying; Stay Safe, please act responsibly, then hopefully all this can get back to some sort of normal.

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