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We have some exciting news about our two NEW partners for Mustang Maniac, but more on that a little later in the blog. First we have an update on a project car.

Customer Cars

Shelenor project has taken on some new bodywork. The rear end duck tail and quarter ends along with the light panel. The is a case of build up, sand down and build up again. A relentless process that Yogi likes the end results and sees the gapping as a challenge. A skilled job and taking your time is key.

The parts used for the transformation are all from our own very own Mustang Maniac Eleanor moulds.

The secret is to make the joins seamless with existing metal, so when repainted there is no visible join. In order to do that the existing paint needs to come of down to bare metal.

With the extra parts fitted, it was time to blend in the parts with the filler.

The wheel arches were fitted to how much adjustment will be needed. In this case, not much at all.

A weeks work in a few pictures, but you can’t rush a work of art from a bodywork master, Yogi!


Two new stock lines are about to be launched on the WebShop. These are something we have had on the go for a little while now. Covid has not been our friend here, but we are now ready to supply these great products to the UK.

We are pleased to say that our first delivery of ‘Leed Brakes’ conversion kits will be with us early next week. Mustang Maniac is now proudly an official retail partner of Leed Brakes for the UK.

Once we have some photo’s of the delivery, we will post them on here for you. These kits are designed to supply everything you need for a straight drum to disc swap out conversion, or you can buy just the bits you need for an upgrade if you wish. These kits aren’t just for Mustangs, if you have a hot rod in mind, these kits are an easy time saving option. These kits are designed to stop you safely with peace of mind that they will.

We are excited about this partnership as the quality of the kits compared to the other kits out there has just stepped up a notch. We will still have our other kits in stock of course for now, which are absolutely fine and we use them. However, we may be phasing those out in order to provide the superior products that we can for your Mustang. What we will stock will depend if we still get orders for the other kits we stock, we suspect our clients will want these products, once these kits hit the UK market!

Our aim is to supply the best of the best, once we find it we stock it!


We have been running some trials on our own cars after researching into the Lanoguard products. We were that impressed with the products – we are now a UK supplier of Lanoguard! What else do we need to say?

Lanoguard have spent over 35 years innovating and perfecting their products to help make things last longer, work smoothly and not corrode to save time, money and hassle for their clients. Lanoguard have now become and international company with some extremely good reviews.

The Lanoguard product dries to a satin clear finish and is pretty much undetectable. We have some photos here, unfortunately the pics don’t really do the product justice. Just spray it on what ever you want to protect with little to no prep work, it’s as simple as that.

Once we get the rest of the order in from Lanoguard, we will post the range on here too as well after the WebShop has been updated with the product lines.

Stay Safe & Keep Covered Up.

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