A Wolf In Wolf’s Clothing

We are really excited to have our very own Resto-Mod project back this week, ‘The Wolf’ as it shall be known. The Wolf project has been a little while getting to this stage as it wasn’t a priority for us, more of a filler for the quieter moments waiting for the next car, but more on that later with the Wolf’s first pictures in paint.

Customer Cars

The Pro Street is back with us under a new ownership. The new owner wants a few little tweaks made and some upgrades which we will bring for you as we go along.

There are few images that strike fear into other motorists, there are cars with their engines poking out of the hood exposing huge blowers, or the back end of a Mustang with big fat tyres. This just happens to be one of those cars. The Shelby lights accentuate the fact that this is a bad ass car.

It’s great to have her back where we continue to take good care of her as we know the work history of this little lady.

Our Car – The Wolf

Now the colour is revealed you may or may not have noticed the bumpers are on the car already. They bumpers both front and back were sent away to be de-chromed, subtly reshaped, shortened and we removed the bolt holes and painted body colour. Our own secret process to even make it removable if we need to.

The paint is black and the stripes are a real subtle shade of matt black which can only really be seen in certain lights. Exactly as Adam wanted it.

The whole car will be de-chromed and stealth black.

The two images below are trying to show a close up of the stripes on the paint and the bumpers.

As we said earlier, the car is going to be a full blown Resto-Mod and will be unique as we have not seen anything like what we are planning to do. ????

Watch this space for pretty awesome updates.


We have a new product that we are trialling at the moment to see if it’s good enough to go for sale. The radiator cap with a built in temperature gauge.

Coming Soon

We are in the process of developing a simple, but very effective and most importantly a user easy fitting security device. We have developed a MK1 prototype, MK2 was an improvement but the quality wasn’t where we wanted it to be. The Mk3 looks to be the way to go, a little more cost and development involved, but it will be well worth it. There will be more on this as we start the production and we get stock levels up. We aim to even make it a customer’s bespoke option as a special order!

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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