New Part Exchange Service

We return to a little normality this week after a flurry of quick services in the early part of the week. Now we can settle down a bit and start working on the existing projects we have on the go with ‘The Pear’. We have another poor installation feature for you at the end of the post and this one’s dangerous.

Customer Cars

‘The Pear’ is having the engine worked on before a refit and a couple of coats of Ford blue engine enamel paint. The engine had a new water pump and timing chain.

The inside is taking shape with a little extra sound deadening and ducting for the Air Con.

Under the hood is now having some of the brake and fuel line work finalised and the AC unit now fitted, but not plumbed in yet. Like we have said before we have reused what we can to keep cost down and the car as original as possible.

Our Cars – ‘The Wolf’

We have been asked if there is a stripe on ‘The Wolf’. The answer is yes, but it’s really subtle. In normal light the car looks like this:

But in the sun or bright light the stripe shows up. It’s a matt black metallic twin that changes colour. Notice the rear bumper is already fitted and de-chromed. We haven’t seen anything like it before and we dare say it will be copied.

The rest of the car while it was up in the air.

Front bumper is the same as the rear, de-chromed and painted to match the body.

Part Exchange Service

We have been asked a few times if there is a part exchange service on offer. Simple answer is yes, there are some things that the USA offers for a swap out. But, by the time we ship the items back for replacement it will cost twice as much as a new one.

So we have had a word with our engineering team who are now going to do a few projects for us. The first we have to offer is the power steering valve. These are fully reconditioned, tested and look better than the originals. Check our WebShop for the details of the parts that are under our new Part Exchange scheme.

The cost of the units are around half the price of a replacement. Already we have had a couple of customers asking if they can buy the half priced ones without an exchange. Erm, it don’t work like that, so when we say ‘Part Exchange’ that is exactly what we mean.

Dangerous Install.

A customer ordered a a set of rear brake shoes from us. He fitted them and said the car doesn’t stop very well. We asked for a couple of pictures of the install.

The customer did just that and we could see instantly that it was fitted wrong. The customer told us that he fitted it exactly as it was removed.

Adam responded with, ‘they weren’t fitted correctly either then’. The pictures below show show BOTH leading shoes on one side of the axle and BOTH trailing shoes on the other side. The give away is the gaps at the top by the anchor pin. The best part is the shoes are packaged as pairs for each side of the axle.

PLEASE, please don’t take anything for granted when doing a swap out. What was already there could be wrong.

In this case heavy braking this could have caused a nasty accident.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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